Méthode Traditionnelle Chardonnay - Pinot Noir Brut

The only sparkling in the Les Jamelles range, the Methode Traditionnelle is produced as a Crémant, with the same two noble Burgundian varietals: Pinot Noir give complexity, roundness and notes of reds fruits and Chardonnay give freshness and florals notes (white flowers).

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80% Chardonnay - 20% Pinot Noir
  • Tasting The bubbles are fine and long-lasting, rising like a delicate strand of pearls to form a narrow ribbon of mousse along the sides of the glass.
    This sparkling wine, with its lovely greenish-gold colour boasting brilliant highlights, features lovely vivacity on the nose and is redolent of delicious aromas of tropical fruits (mango) and dried apricot as well as buttery notes of brioche. The flavours on the palate are refreshing and finish on a slightly mentholated note.
  • Food & Wine This sparkling may be enjoyed well-chilled (4°-8°C) as an aperitif with hors d’oeuvre and canapés.
    It also has its place at the table with starters (terrines, quiches, etc.) and its acidity and subtle aromas make it the perfect match for fish or crustaceans. As for dessert, our “Les Jamelles” sparkling wine served at 6°-10°C is marvellous with berry sorbets or lemon meringue tart. Catherine festive’s suggestion: chicken over vol-au-vent with morel sauce.

10,38 € tax incl. / By bottle

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